Twelve of us gathered to go tramping in the woods of Tyresta national park to the south of Stockholm on a mushroom hunt. Just the morning before had seen the first frost of autumn. We proceeded to disperse into the forest clutching baskets or brown paper bags, each on our own private treasure hunt. The air feels chilly as we forage, but the sun punches through the gaps in the canopy. While quite late in the season, we find penny buns, hedgehog fungus, earthballs, yellow-foots, several varieties of russula, gypsy mushrooms, and velvet boletes, among others. This was the first time that some in our group had ever been mushroom picking.  It was a lot of fun to teach some of the basics – and see the (warranted) look of consternation when showing a destroying angel!



FullSizeRenderPhotos by Ana Vallejo


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