It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. The summer saw me in Armenia, Poland, as well as heading back to my familiar stomping ground in the north of Sweden, this time returning to Sarek national park. I’ve been going there for over seventeen years now, having first visited and been captivated by the majestic landscape as a teenager. With the densest concentration of glaciers in Sweden, over one hundred peaks topping 1800m, and no marked trails, Sarek lays some claim to be one of the wildest places in Europe. Most of my trips there have largely revolved around trekking along the valley bottoms and up and over passes, but on this trip I wanted to try and scale some of the summits, including the highest peak (and the second-highest in Sweden) in the park, Sarektjåkkå, at 2090m. The summit involves a long, committing trek, far from any road, and is often obscured in thick cloud, this being the rainiest place in Sweden close to the Norwegian coast. It also involves a glacier traverse to reach the ridge leading up to the top. We also managed to summit two other peaks, Nijak and Dubbel Topparna on Akka, during the week we spent in the park. While having visited the Andes, Rockies, the Alps, and Himalaya, Sarek also ranks up there for me as boasting world-class scenery. Click on the photos below to expand them.

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