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In Greenland’s Granite Heaven

Magazine Feature - Wild Magazine   |   May 2018

Alec Forss sets off on a 16-day hike and paddle across Greenland's granite heartland

Great Wall of Mourne

Magazine Feature - TGO Magazine   |   April 2018

By breaking it up with a wild camp, Alec Forss turns Northern Ireland's classic challenge walk into the perfect weekend adventure

Sweden’s Arctic Alps

Magazine Feature - Adventure Travel Magazine   |   July 2017

Peak-bagging in Arctic Sweden's majestic Sarek National Park

Transgender in Pakistan: A “Forgotten People”

Article - Inter Press Service   |   June 2016

Despite efforts to promote transgender rights, the plight of Pakistan's hijra community remains precarious

The Polar Urals

Magazine Feature - TGO Magazine   |   April 2016

In places they may have a flavour of Scotland, but these remote Russian mountains are wild and rarely visited. Last year, Alec Forss traversed the range on foot and by packraft

Can Myanmar Avoid Conflict Pitfalls in its Hydro Blitz?

Article - New Security Beat   |   January 2016

Myanmar plans to exploit its rich hydropower potential to boost the country's electrification. However, it is the country's ethnic minorities who stand the most to lose from mega-dams.

Mining Sami Lands in Sweden: A New Era of Exploitation?

Magazine Feature - Cultural Survival Quarterly   |   December 2015

A giant iron ore mine threatens indigenous Sami livelihoods in Sweden's far north

Winning the Peace in Northern Ireland

Analysis - Insight on Conflict   |   December 2015

Northern Ireland has made considerable progress in securing the peace after decades of violence. However, much work remains to be done.

Published work by Alec Forss

Across Sweden’s Arctic Boreal

Magazine Feature - TGO Magazine   |   March 2015

Alec Forss crosses Muddus National Park, with a pulka to help

Sweden’s Old-growth Forests Under Threat

Article - The Ecologist   |   February 2015

Sweden's biodiverse ancient forests could be largely wiped out within two decades - and along with it will go thousands of species that depend on mature forest ecosystems.

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