I’ve just written an article for the blog of Dam Good Trips, a company run by  experienced guide and adventurer Christina Chowaniec  and which offers tailored self-guided hiking and kayaking trips in Canada’s spectacular British Columbia.

Check out the cool trailer below explaining what Dam Good Trips does:

The Purist’s Path: Back to Basics

Ok, I admit it, I’m a gear junkie. I can’t enter an outdoor store without feeling like a sugar-starved kid entering a candy store. I want to buy all of it, right now. From Antarctica-tested tent models to jackets promising the latest in wicking technology, I can justify any purchase. I need that new sleeping bag because it has an in-built, smart fabric kinetic foot warmer … My storage room at home is a never-ending source of tension with my girlfriend, with the threat of gear cascading down on her whenever she opens the door. But sometimes I feel that my gear obsession and endless array of new-fangled gadgets can put a barrier between me and what I go out there for: connecting with nature, the wild, the land, myself. In recent years it has got me thinking not only about what I travel with but also the way I travel. Now, when I get out there, I want to pare things down to the basics, to rely on my skills, and travel in a more natural way without Made in China labeling everything. Don’t get me wrong: having the appropriate gear is still essential. But here are some ways that you too can take more of a purist’s path to wilderness adventure.

Read the rest of my piece at:  http://damgoodtrips.com/the-purists-path-back-to-basics/


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